Five Winners of 2 Steem. Just Upload A Photo In The Comment Box!

It's time to show some love by giving back to the community. This is my first contest of the year and all prizes will be coming from my own expense.

There will be five winners of this contest, each will receive 2 Steem.

Contest #1: Verification Photo

fan sign.jfif

Who can join the contest?

💠 @purepinay's followers

This contest will end on:

💠 January 14th 11:55pm EST

How to join the contest:

💠 Make a verification photo just like the one above (p.s. be creative!)
💠 Take a selfie holding it
💠 Upload your photo in the comment box

And your done!

Winners will be announced on the 15th of January, Monday.

Stay tuned for more easy contests! 😉❤️

xoxo, Gilaine
If you like this contest, you can show your support by upvoting and resteeming, although it's not necessary but I would appreciate it much and will be able to fund more contest in the future.