For Coffee Lovers Out There

coffee token.jpg

I bought a little bit of #coffea token today as am having my coffee. For coffee lovers out there, now I can share some coffee friendship tokens everyday. I learned this token from @chekohler, here's the link:

coffee token1.jpg

I also checked out more details of this token, I copy pasted to save you some time:

This will send 1 token to someone
5 This will send 5 tokens to someone
You can send a maximum of 15 tokens in any one comment, you can not send tokens to yourself - so if you reply to your own post or comment you will get a failure reply.
When you give !COFFEEA tokens they do not come from your own holding, they are sent from this token account.
The ability to send tokens is limited by your token holding, you need 5 tokens in your wallet to send 1 token to someone. If you have 10 tokens you can send 2 etc.

Or you can read more here:

I recommend you follow @chekohler to steal some ideas and updates on what other tokens to get for free and you can also share it with your Steemit friends. ;)

Any questions? (@chekohler is happy to answer it lol ;p)