From Students to Steemians, A Cebu Event

Ever since I joined Steemit, I met a lot of amazing people and this inspired me to join this event. I met @jassennessaj and @manualbot during my second week on Steemit and they invited me to join the event yesterday which was held at their school.

To be honest, I was a little bit nervous because I've seen how these two brilliant students do on steemit. I look up to them, just like I look I up to everyone who is passionate about helping steemit become a better society.

The reason for this event was to strengthen the Filipino Steemit community. During this event, the students asked a lot of great questions, about how Steemit worked, and its benefits. Explaining Steemit to someone who's never heard of it is quite overwhelming. I didn't even know how to start, so I had to put myself in their shoes and talk to them the way I would have understood it best when I first started blogging. Also, since this was our first meeting... It was nice to keep it light and get to know them personally.

(For the full details of the topic that discussed, you can refer to @jassennessaj post here.

What comes next?

A lot of students at this event already had Steemit accounts but hopefully, this event inspired them to share their steemit experience with their family and friends outside of the University. As for myself, I am looking forward to sponsoring and being invited to future local Steemit events.

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