Fun Girl's Night Out At Castle Peak Hotel's Roof Top Bar

We are only here for a short time compared to the moon and sun so learn how to have fun! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜

Drinks night with my girls, we took an Uber since nobody knows how to drive. Oh my friend @emonemolover knows how(?), but I don't want to take a chance and live my Steem money floating on the blockchain. 😁

When we got to Castle Peak Hotel, the staff asked us what room are we in and justafe up a number and he said "oh okay, ma'am, this way to the elevator". My friends and I were laughing out loud. They asked my how did I know the room numbers their when we didn't even checked in. I don't even have any idea what's the room number at the hotel, I just guessed. We're going to the bar so I it's unnecessary to ask for the room number anyways.

When we reached the roof top bar to get some drinks. I always get my two favorite drinks; margarita and mojito but this time I got my margarita. My girls got themselves a rum with cola, I forgot what it's called.

After having two glasses of alcohol, we sang karaoke, one of our favorite thing to do. Btw, it's best time to sing when you're a little buzzed. You get that husky voice, am not sure if it's the same with you but I it happens on me whenever I get a little buzzed, lol.

Two glasses of margarita was enough just to make me feel good!

Can you guess where we headed after?

Xoxo, Gilaine