Fun with Friends #3: Celebrated 10+ Years of Friendship!

It has been a long time since I spent some time with my high school buddies, because of my location. One of our best friends, Floriza and I are currenty staying in the city of Cebu and the others live an ocean apart!

We are all total opposites, but we all can have much fun together. Until now, we share stories about life, the wonderful and should not forget memories of our high school life.

Meet my friends, from bottom, left photo: Rodien, Romela, Alyyssa, Jocelyn, Floriza & Me

I was looking forward to a fun get-together and quality time with my them. March of this year, we finally made this happen, we celebrated our 10th year of friendship! Although Fatima & Shenalyn were not able to join us we called them on skype =). This was one of the best memories I can keep!

I personally organized the event for our group but we all contributed to the success of this event. I had them stayed at my place the whole time so I always get a chance to give them some big HUGS! ^_-

Floriza, Me and Jocelyn

My friends asked me to make some of my special dishes. They all know who I love to cook. =) They enjoyed the pasta with just olive oil and garlic (Aglio E Olio) and it was quick and easy to prepare. Nothing's better than homemade with LOVE

I also made some pizza and made the dough and the sauce from my copy cat recipes. I love to make everything from scratch as much as possible. My other specialty is Salted Baked Chicken, from Chef John's recipe.

The girls at CellarDoorTipsyChefCebu

Apologize if I didn't take any photos of the food, there wasn't enough time to for me to capture everything because we were all excited to give each other some big hugs, chit chat and dig in! =)

After dinner, we went to get some drinks. My friends are not into drinking and partying, lol so am kind of the b.i. type (bad influence) in the group. Lol

A little shot of margarita

It wasn't hard for me to pick our drink. As you all know from my old blogs, I mentioned margarita a lot. ^_- My friends were cool about it and we finished the pitcher but I could have had 3 more... glasses! My friends won't let me though, lol

Awesome Party at LIVSuperClubPH

After we finished our drink, we moved to the party club! After non-stop dancing for more than 3 hours, we decided to leave the place and get some desserts went stopped for some food and sweets at this Korean inspired Cafe.

Last stop for the night, color my world! at CafeNamooPH

It has a unique style where you can express your love to anyone by writing it on colorful sticky notes and just literally stick it anywhere you want! ^_-

The night was well spent, after all! Hence, we missed each other we slept together in my room, we didn't have enough energy for some pillow fights but instead, we all cuddled together. 'Sweetest dream ever!' ^_-

Day two of our adventure will be on my next blog, so stay tuned! ^_-

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To my loyal steemit readers, thank you again for taking your time to read my stories. I am passionately interested in how you spend time with your friends?

Happy Steeming, everyone! <3
Gilaine XoXo