Getting productive!

Enjoying some muffins with soy milk after I workout for only 30 minutes today, lol!

Also, today I helped a new found friend, @emgrace create an account using my free account tokens, I did it on @steemworld which was very easy if only the internet was a bit faster.

This time I set proper expectations that it's not easy to earn money on this platform, and you know what I mean if you've been here for a while now. Anyways, she'll be making her first post soon, and I hope we welcome @emgrace, so be nice to her! ☺️


After over a week of being so busy in the kitchen, I am now seating on my not so comfy chair (because I sold mine and bought some steem tokens a few months ago, lol) am itching my fingers to use the keyboard on my laptop.

I am excited to share with you this recipe that I have been practicing at home.

Will publish it in about an or two on @busykitchen, so be sure to follow that account to not miss any posts. Whoever leaves a thoughtful comment for the first thirty minutes after my post (on @busykitchen) will receive a full upvote from this account (@purepinay).

See ya around!