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Hi, Steemians! I know you have all been waiting for my next actual post. I have been looking for some inspiration, whether it’s from a book, movie, documentary, tv show, blogs here on steemit, nature, undying science mark in the cosmos (that my tiny brain cannot digest), and the human beings I surround myself with.

Writing makes me happy and I like to think myself as a perfectionist- This drives me crazy and prevents me from sleeping at night. I honestly only started writing because of Steemit, and consider this a good opportunity for me to practice writing; I was never good at writing when I was in school, I never enjoyed it because it felt like work- It wasn't fun for me.

<Side note: I attended Saint Mary’s Academy in Guiuan, which is a private school in my hometown. During my high school years, I considered myself an artist and even had two of my art works displayed in the library. Along the way, I lost this passion... Until Steemit.>

Truth be told, I have been editing this blog for over a week now and a lot of the drafts ended up in the black box. I wasted well over 600,000 seconds going back and forth in my decision. English, is my second language and I have a limited vocabulary in my own little highbrow... (The more we read and write, the better we get). Writing this makes my heads hurt ; All these thoughts/ideas brewing in my head, and not translating well into font.

So..., I decided to get my inspiration from the people I met on Steemit.

And here is my letter to you

Letter #1:
Date: August 29, 2017
Current Timezone: Philippines

Dear Steemit,

I know how you have impatiently waiting for progress on my Steemit journey. You told me to write everything down and you’ll read it. Here I am, finally past my rough draft, and I really hope you will take the time to read this.
Oh btw, I didn’t enclose a return address because I want you to keep reading my letter and stop interrupting. You know I am demanding!

I put down all my stuff and continue writing, every few mins I take a big deep breath while spinning my fidget spinner. My little “giftie spinner”, because this is a gift I got from my sweet little friend, Briana. She said this will helps me calm down,lol And it works!! hahaha weird? Yes, you noticed too even though the other called me “different” but you call me real*

Spinning my “giftie spinner” while tapping my right foot on the ground and alternately tapping my left foot. It feels like am dancing but I am not dancing, but the music is my head but I am not singer. I can sing “Karaoke” this what they I love to do with friends.

Let me share some funny stories.

I remember, my first few days in the discord was nightmarish! Glad they didn’t kicked me out lol, Flooding the whole chat rooms with gifs because I was having so much fun. I was laughing at everybody every time I upload funny gifs lol.
Sometimes I like to make people laugh but I hate when they don’t get my joke, why so serious with life, right? lol It was hard to keep up with these people, they’re fingers are like stuck the keyboard and I wonder if this what I they do every day. I was chatting to my steemit friends and mistakenly typed @surpassinggoogle’s name because of clumsiness Then, he asked me what it is I want? But that’s not how he said it, it was just in my head because I assume people are trying to fight me sometime. I was like” who the heck was that? Who the heck surpass + google? Mmmfffff, I can surpass him! lol Ohhh well I think I can stand a fight lol I have beautiful biceps and abs =p (toinks!) hahahaha (charot uwi na ko!)

I told him everything I don't like about him.

Just like friends they know I can’t sleep when they won’t let me talk to my friend because I was so upset of them all that they tolerate her attitude. I am like the messenger, I spoke up for people, I hate when people act like they don’t care but they care but they are scared. Or maybe they aren’t scared maybe they are just really laid people like the Filipinos. Hey wait! I am a Filipino! Did you forget I am “PURE PINAY!” see? (nanalo na naman ako) hahaha
I need to let @surpassinggoogle know how I hated him for being so nice to everyone!
During my meeting with @surpassinggoogle, my other mentor, he told me I should be the queen. I paused for a moment and raised my right eyebrow and told myself “I am not a queen, I am a khaleesi!” lol I hated how he answers my questions with a question. So spoke up and told him that I am grouchy at him. Lol I told him not to answer my questions with a question, because I will answer him with a question! The big question “WHY, are you answering my question with a question?!” Lol (now I sound redundant! lol)

Khaleesi GOT
Game of Thrones: My fave character!

I don’t have problems with people who are nice to me, and he said he knows. Then I got mad again and thought you are no John Snow! Spell stubborn = G.I.L.A.I.N.E

My all time fave tv series!

Okay, Steemit you are getting scared to know more about me, aren’t you? Well, what can you do, I am just a stubborn human being.

I missed judged him and then he stopped talking to me on discord. I think I upset too much because I was being “real” lol see? I am a trouble maker ask my friends! Lol It’s fun to get out of your comfort zone, I am not saying you go to the store and get a kitkat or some cornetos without paying before you leave. Well, I did that few times as a joke but nobody noticed lol They won’t know I didn’t me, just look at my photos! Lol

I cannot turn back time, I can only keep moving forward.

A few days ago, I stopped writing and I avoided so many friends. @rcarter noticed I wasn’t being myself anymore and that I was under a lot of stress. He told me that my @steemph family was worried about me. I was confused because he knows nothing, but was wrong. I assumed he doesn’t know anything when the fact is, he knows me better than I know myself. I told him I was worried about the people that look up to me because I don’t know if I can handle the pressure. He told me this, “Just be yourself and learn how to respect other people’s opinion”

Travelling to WANDERLAND!

Kill them with kindness! Ayyy teka mag isa lang pala siya... lol - see that's me when I have fun teasing people =p lol

I thought I can do this alone. I was so upset with myself that I am a very stubborn human being because people cannot accept that there are people who do not speak up for themselves! ooppss clumsy again. I’ll paraphrase “because I tried soooo hard to be who I am not” but they’re right, I shouldn't go down to his level because it is not him or them that I want to be friend with, it’s the Filipinos and the warm-hearted people in your community.

I want you to know that I am naïve and I have big dreams, so big am chasing time so I don't have time for baby stuff. With no sleep at all, I was dragging myself all over the place, here and there, there and there!

I am not a full-time Steemian yet, I cannot do all this with 24hrs only. I need to learn more about this program and I thank my @steemph family for being very supportive and putting up with my crazyness ^_-

Yesterday I had meeting with my friends and they told me that it is okay to be a stubborn weirdo and focus on Steemit. They told me to go back to @steemph family and find your friends and they are waiting there for you, be yourself, have FUN and that they will take care of me in the near future.

I have been so tough to everyone even to my family, because they think I am a perfectionist. Perfectionist? Lol I can’t even pass the spelling bee! I had to edit my blog 100x and edit my comments 10x times because I am no perfectionist, I am just worried about poor judgement!! Yes, poor judgement, they’re so poor they can’t even buy happiness with their paper money!

I asked @surpassinggoogle what’s his favorite quote but he told me his own quotes are his favorite. (raising my right eyebrow again!) (ayan na naman maldita mode na naman!) lol but then I got jealous hahaha I told myself “OMGGGG I should make my own quotes too!) hahaha (“ingiterang labandera!)haha

I can’t think of any yet, I have to find it soon, maybe it’s in South America or Europe or other countries in Southeast Asia or maybe I’ll find it this October after my Thailand trip. Lol tag: Travel Queen! Pak! Lol

I’ll leave you with this borrowed quote from @surpassinggoogle, I can make it short and precise lol Shhhhhh charroottt kunwari mas magaling ako sa kanya!**do not translate this in English, I dare you! hahaha Bawal mag gumamit ng google translator ng Tagalog to English! =p

Thank you for reading! ^_- ... Existing na me! waving my hand like Pia Wurtzbach, ahhh girl power!

And here's my pabaon!

“the moment you start doing things and when you check or read what you did and marvel or say “really, I just do or create that” then you are starting to do something”


Your stubborn whale in training, =p



If you haven't read @surpassinggoogle's article about using the tag:
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