Giving the gift of a Steem Account


We all love Steem don't we? We wouldn't be here if we didn't because making money from it, can't be your real motivation with prices continuing to drop. If you've found steem to be a place you can make your home online, enjoy making, curating and engaging with content then you realise the true value of what is being built here.

We all know that getting into steem is the hardest part, you either have to wait a really long time to get approval or you need to purchase an account which many first time users won't really do at this point.

While we can purchase accounts for friends and family to get them into the ecosystem there's another way to earn accounts and dish them out.

Did you know can use your stake to earn new Steem accounts and create them yourself to give to friends and family? Yes, you can onboard users yourself, if you have enough stake in the platform.

Burning your resource credits

If you have a pretty large stake in the platform around 5200 SP at the moment you should be able to claim 1 free account with your available resource credits.

This can be done with steemconnect but the easiest way for me has been via Steempeak.

  • Head over to your wallet
  • Click the dropdown menu next to "delegate"
  • Click claim your account creation token


Remember once you do this you will burn all your RC's and you may not be able to post for a few minutes while your RCs replenish.

Once your account has been claimed you can create it using the same method and provide a @username and send off the keys to your friend.

Steem Ninja

The second way to earn accounts is through steem ninja. You can delegate either Steem Power or Pal Power to the steem ninja account -

In return, you will receive invite tokens depending on how much you've delegated. You can then redeem those Invite tokens on the steem ninja site for a free account.

Once your account has been claimed the token in your Steem Engine Wallet you can head over to the steem ninja site, provide a @username and send off the keys to your friend.

Bring em into Steem

Creating accounts has never been easier and if we really believe in this place we should start giving the gift of a steem account to those we think would love what we're building here.

What do you think? Have you brought someone into steem before? Do they still post? Will you be claiming your free accounts?

Share your story with me.