Guess the price, win a price! Win 2 Steem and also one of your friends!


The other day I went shopping spree for random items I can use for my upcoming project, my recipe blog, @myrecipes. I'd love if you follow that account, I'll be posting only recipes and hope that you guys will join me there.

I went to this Japanese store, called Daiso, where they sell they different kinds of products, from kitchen items to make up, arts and crafts, etcs.


It's kind of like a dollar store. Most of the items cost the same but some are a little bit more.

So, here are the those were the stuff I bought from Daiso. If you guess how much I spent you could win 2 Steem and also your friend!

Simple rules:

  1. Guess the total price of all the items (in Philippine currency or USD)
  2. Tag one of your fiends
  3. Follow @myrecipes

How to pick the winner:
I will be using the online to pick the winner

Contest Ends on:
10th of January, 11pm (Philippine time)

Join the fun now!

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