Guess What Time I Checked-In On My Partiko App Today And Win A 100% Upvote At 100% Voting Power On One Of Your Posts!

Guess What Time I Checked-In On My Partiko App Today! (I took a screenshot of the time to show a proof)

Winner will be announced tomorrow!

Game Rule:

You have to be a partiko user. If not yet, you can download the app on your phone:

(Once you successfully downloaded the app with my referral link, come back here and let me know in the comments below to get an upvote on five of your posts! 👌😉) And join the game!

The answer to yesterday's contest:

Guess how many partiko points I have at 12noon today!



And the winner is...

🔹 @amico. He guess 71467, which is the closest number to the correct answer. He received an upvote of 100% on three of his posts.

Post#1: Upvoted 100% at 96% VP

Post #2: Upvoted 100% at 93.88% VP

Post#3: Upvoted 100% at 92.35% VP

Congratulations again, @amico!


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