Happiness Comes In Waves


It was before dusk when I went for a swim and I was just like a little kid again who would play and splash the water. The water was still warm from the afternoon sun and the high tide was rapidly emerging.


The current of the ocean started pulling me to the shore so I kept my feet to the ground and my knees bent. It was a bit scary actually but at the same time exhilarating, lol! I kept on chasing the big waves and when it broke into foams, I slammed my body in it. ;p


Later on, I got tired and laid on the bench while watching the waves and tides. I grabbed my camera and started taking some random photos. As I kept zooming into the sea, and I saw these boys from the village swimming where the bigger waves were crashing. They're very brave! The other one which you can't see in this photo because his head is all the way in the water. I think he was only ten years old and glad he was with the older boys. It didn't take long until they got out of the water because they also noticed the current of water was getting stronger.


The beach became empty and the ambiance was now at ease. ;)

Xoxo, Gilaine

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