Happy 2nd Steemit Birthday To Me!

Well, it was actually yesterday, when I received a notification from @steemitboard about my 2bd Steemit birthday. (Thanks for reminding me @steemitboard and @arcange! 😘)

Since it was late last night when I received the notification, I still haven't celebrated my Steemit birthday. I even missed my 1st Steemit birthday last year because I was so busy and couldn't track time.

I'd like to thank everyone who joined me in my Steemit journey, so many stories to tell and I haven't even really started sharing it here, at least I shared to few in some private conversations. I honestly haven't made my official introductory post.

I still want to keep my personal life private. All I can say, it has been a roller-coaster ride but a lot things I learned and won't stop learning since I joined Steemit.

I gained some friends and I think I also lost some, (but hopefully not)... Life is never meant to be perfect, we all have each battles that we're fighting on our daily lives.

There are still so many things that I want to improve with my Steemit journey. I have to be honest, I've been avoiding some contents that gives negative effects on me. I don't want to waste my time on those things, they're draining.

Hey, aren't we getting serious! Haha

But really, thank you to everyone who's been with me through Steems Up and Down! 😁

What should I do on my Steemit birthday, help me decide what's a fun thing to do, aside from partying and getting drunk! 😂