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I didn't have a lot of time today to finish writing my upcoming recipe blog because I had to smashed myself in the gym today and I made some delicious sweet potato tortilla.

I workout for an hour and 15 minutes, jump on the treadmill to warm up, trying to wake myself up since I didn't finish my 2nd iced coffee. After about 12 minutes, I was feeling the adrenaline in my blood blood, like I can lift a car, lol!

That's my trick to activate that spartan mode, you have to do some high intensity workout.

Next I did some shoulder workout started with 20 pounds dumbells, decreased the weight until I could barely lift another weight.

Good thing I was alone at the gym after doing few sets because I really feel screaming after the last set of my shoulder workout. No pain no gain, right?


I still had a tiniest energy in me so I did 3 minute core workout. I barely do core workout now a days because it takes up so much time to do it and I do it after my weight training.

Phew! Now I can eat my ice cream, kidding but I wish I have some in the fridge though! 😂 😂 I guess am just gonna have some chicken tortilla wrap using my freshly homemade sweet potato tortillas!


How about you, did you workout today? How do you feel?


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