Homemade Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Bored of salad but want something fresh and flavorful? Try these spring rolls and enjoy every bite!

My partner and I have been dining at a Vietnamese restaurant near our place at least six times a month whenever we are in the city. One of my favorite dishes to order is the chicken spring rolls. We both love it so I decided to try it at home.

Also, my friends and my eldest sister asked me for the recipe so I decided to write it here. I can't wait for them to try it and you can too!

This recipe is not exactly the same as the one we get at the restaurant. You can use a variety of vegetables and meat. So for this recipe, I use what I have in the kitchen.

Make sure you have everything sliced and have the meat ready before you start assembling. It can be time-consuming but it's worth it. ;)


  • rice paper wrappers
  • rice vermicelli noodles
  • lettuce leaves
  • cucumber, julienned (thinly sliced)
  • tomatoes, julienned
  • carrot, peeled and julienned
  • cooked boneless chicken

The sauce:

  • 6 tbsp rice wine vinegar
  • 6 tbsp fish sauce
  • 6 tbsp sweet chili sauce


Dipping sauce:
  1. In a small saucepan, whisk rice wine vinegar, fish sauce, and sweet chili sauce. Simmer for 5 minutes and set aside.
  1. Cook the vermicelli according to the packet directions. Mine, I boiled some water to soak the rice vermicelli. Soaked in a bowl for 10 minutes and drain. Notes:
  • Rice vermicellis are fragile than other noodles. Make sure you don't over soak it.)
  • I use the same water to dip the rice wrappers to soften
Start assembling the rolls:
  1. In a large bowl with warm water, dip the rice paper for about 30 seconds to soften and lay it on the counter.

  2. Fill the wrapper with meat, veggies, and the noodles. Roll everything tight and cut in half.


  • The rice paper gets really sticky, soak it one at a time. I cut mine in half so it was easier for me to wrap it. Also, do not overstuff the wrapper or else it'll rip. Here's a video I watched on how on to assemble the spring roll: Watch it now!

Don't forget to serve with dipping sauce and enjoy!