Honestly, it was a tough choice between ice cream or fruit smoothie!

When you're out shopping and got hungry, what's your go to place for a quick snack?

Very often, I'd get an ice cream, pizza, or fries. Sometimes if am not lazy to carry the peanut butter in a jar around, I won't mind getting it.

Although, today was different. I know I could eat whatever I want, but after yesterday's post new year party with my friends, I thought maybe I should get something sweet but not feel guilty afterwards.

It was a tough decision though, haha!

IMG_20200105_151602 (1).jpg
📸: Nokia 7 Plus

This kiosk called mooshi bar, they sell very yummy smoothies and other healthy snacks.

I would also go for green smoothie but I chose to get a different one this time. I ordered the "look good" smoothie on their menu. It has frozen strawberry, banana, apple blend, and chia seeds.

Of course, it tasted so good and it's healthier! 😀

I know I won't be having it every time I go to the mall, so whenever I can resist an ice cream, I think I'd for a smoothie.