How am I spending my days?...Taking a step back and just "HODL"

I get bored of the city quite often now if it's not for the food I would really love to move to an isolated place and once in a while visit the city to do my shopping haul. =D

That sounds fun but it means that my partner and I will have to sacrifice a lot of things. Moving to an isolated place in the Philippines is not that easy especially when you still need to have an access to the internet because that's where you get your finances.

I know some of you have been wondering if we already moved to Ecuador. We are still looking forward to it but we can't move out of the Philippines until we finished our project.

Anyways things are doing well with us (of course could be better is the crypto market is doing so well) and I have no complaints. Actually, that's a lie because sometimes I complain about being bored whenever am in the house browsing on my laptop and just bored of social media that's why am always AFK now and I barely use my mobile phone, lol.


So, once in a while, my partner and I go for a drive outside the city. A few days ago we went on a long drive and stopped at a few places to get some snacks and drove back home at dusk.


What about you? What have you been up to?

Thanks for stopping by!

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