How Many Notifications Has Partiko Sent Out To Its Users Since They Launched The App And Win 100% Upvote On Three Of Your Posts!

Guess how many notifications has Partiko sent out to its users since they launched the app!

Winner will be announced tomorrow!

(Trivia courtesy of

Game Rule:

You have to be a partiko user. If not yet, you can download the app on your phone:

(Once you successfully downloaded the app with my referral link, come back here and let me know in the comments below to get an upvote on five of your posts! 👌😉) And join the game!

The answer to yesterday's contest:

Guess What Time I Checked-In On My Partiko App Today!

🔹7:03 am

And the winner is...

🔹 @chekohler. He guess 7:15 am, which is the closest number to the correct answer. He received a 100% upvote at 100% SP on his post.

Post Upvoted at 100% VP and SP!

Congratulations again, @chekohler!


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