How resteeming can hurt you...

Recently, I have been very busy and haven't been creating my own blogs. Instead, I chose to use my time replying to older comments, making new friends, curating and resteeming.

I never gave resteeming much thought, until @donkeypong mentioned that had to unfollow me because of my tendency to resteem too often.

At first, I was upset to hear this news... But when I sat back and gave it thought I came to 2 major conclusions.

1.) Most people in your life will never constructively criticize you, and instead just push you away leaving you wondering.

2.) Resteeming, while great for the people you resteem... Can really hurt your profile, since your followers are there for you.


Following this advice, I checked out a few of my friends pages and I noticed the same issue. I wanted to read, comment and curate their blogs... But they were buried under a sea of resteems, which I wasn't so interested in.

In the future, I will be MUCH, MUCH more selective about resteems. And I will be sure to be upfront with someone regarding any issues I notice.

Thanks for the advice @donkeypong I really do appreciate it.