How's Lunch?

Today, I had lunch at my favorite salad bar. Usually, I'd order one if their signature creations but I decided to create my own salad wrap because how easy it is to make one, right?


Right! So I went ahead and picked my toppings -Just picked randomly. The staff wasn't very accommodating today, so I felt rush. I wanted to say something but I know it's not gonna make both our day good. Besides, my goal today was to have a no-stress-day! So, I didn't say anything to her but I said something toher other colleague whom I used to have conversation with before, a very nice girl.

Back to my salad wrap, am not sure who is to blame, myself or the staff who took my order because my salad was a disaster!


It was so hard to eat, everything was falling off every time I took a bite! Like a baby who had her first baby food, my table was messy and food on the floor! So embarrassing!

Just look at it! It even looks worse if you saw it in person. I tried to make it a little bit neat for the photo.


Good thing I got some whole wheat cookies, they helped me passed the bitterness of situation. 😂

Although my salad wrap was not awful, it's just dry and very chewy so I just bit the bullet. Next time, will have to not go overly crazy on being so adventurous with my salad toppings! 😂