I Am Officially A Drug Dealer!

I didn't know there are a lot of drug dealers on steem blockchain! Haha

I got invited by @blog-beginner, and I recently joined @drugwars about an hour ago.

Am still learning the game but I think it'll be pretty fun. It's a strategy game, I hope it won't be as hard as other strategy games. I hope I won't get addicted to this because then I won't be able to do other stuff. 😂

It's past two in the morning and am playing @drugwars? Lol

Ijust upgraded my head quarters, training facilities, operation center, pantheon using instant update because time is precious! 😂

Now am level 2!

I didn't really need to upgrade the pantheon, I guess... but better just to do it all. 😅

Let the war begin! 😝