I fasted for 22hours and don't feel guilty eating all these!

I didn't started eating until about 1:30 pm today, and had a really good work out... Sort of torturing myself at the gym 😂 but as a reward, I had a feast!

I showed my friends how I make pizza from scratch and am glad they loved it! If only we can find a really good oven, the pizza would came out perfect. Coz their oven the same as ours were the heat is only at the bottom, maybe will check our other neighbor friend's oven next time we make other pizza.

I ended my fast at around 5pm and after sitting on our chair for a couple hours we decided to burn some calories. We walked around the community and went to the kids play ground where it was empty so we played football and volleyball ball.

We're going to have another food trip this Thursday and we still haven't decided what to cook.

What about you, how did your day go?