I Haven't Used My Phone For More Than 24 Hrs Now!

Yesterday morning while I was video calling my mom, I accidentally dropped my phone in the pool!

How did I drop my phone in the water? And why on earth would I use my phone in while in the pool! Well, I do it on normal days... maybe yesterday was one of those foolish days.

I picked up my phone within a millisecond, thanks to my 'cat reflex'! And in my head, I screamed, " You better hope you're phone won't get water damaged or else!"

While I was at the mall yesterday, I kept reaching inside my purse, probably four times already while face frowned, like a little kid missing her favorite toy. It suddenly registered to my subconsciousness that I was looking for something that was obviously not in my purse... I left my phone charging at home, duh!

Am not sure if am getting old or just too addicted to my cellular (which most of us are), it's like you can't live without a mobile phone nowadays.

I don't remember the last time I didn't have my phone with me going out. Yesterday was the first time, probably a decade, I had no choice because I had to leave it plugged in to charge the battery.

It was so weird not to have my mobile phone with me, you kind of have that habit of walking while on your phone, typing while window shopping, browsing the internet while having lunch and most importantly using my steem account on @partiko or @busy and also trading online with the convenience of a handheld device.

When I got home from the mall, my phone still not working. Maybe because I used the hairdryer to dry it a little bit? Gosh, it got worse! It was working before I used the hairdryer, except the volume on phone speaker wasn't as good as before.

What about my different accounts logged in on my phone, the different keys, my @partiko app, and @actifit app?

Urgh! That's when I started to get worried. right away, grabbed my laptop and retrieve all my account keys and pass.

What's going to happen to my @actift points, will I able to retrieve it If I download it on a different phone?

I know for a fact that I won't be able to use my Steemit account as often as I used to because it's really easier to access it on my mobile.

Good thing I backed up all the necessary keys I need for different accounts and the day before I dropped my phone, I happened to transfer all my photos to my portable hard drive as if it was a premonition that something will happen to my phone.

Am a little upset now than yesterday, because Google Plx Xl was the best phone I've ever had and it is one of the best phones out on the market.

I looked up online if I can bring it to a repair center, however where I live and based on my experience, it's better to buy a new phone than have it repair because if not costly it'll have more problems afterward.

It's been over 24 hrs since I didn't use any phone!

It feels so weird but I hey am still alive! bwahaha!

Am not even in a rush to buy a phone any time soon, I actually feel a little lighter, like I something heavy was lifted inside of me because now, I don't have to always check my phone and finally I was able to read my book on my kindle.

Am still able to to do things that I did on my phone (for now). I don't know how long I can go to be without my phone. We'll see!

It's dinner time, talk soon everyone!

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