If not Steemit, then what?...

Hello Steemians,

I hope all is well with you, I am back in the city after spending a wonderful time with my family and relatives back home.


I have been away for a while and I will be honest it was really hard not to go on Steemit. I miss Steemit especially my Steemian friends. Hope you all are doing well.

It has been a depressing time for many of Steemians. I got depressed too when I saw the Steem price kept dropping, the whole crypto market is dropping. Although it is sad to see a lot of steemians that I know who are now inactive am happy to see some of my good friends who are still; @sunnylife, whom I still stay contact with once in a while. @paradise-found, @schamangerbert, @markvance, @drewley, @foovler and few more steemians.

I remember a year ago when we were barely making a penny but everyone was simply having fun. It was more about connecting with each other and sharing stories not really caring about each other's wallet. LOL

In my last post, I mentioned the new platform which is already up and running. Though I won't be promoting it here because, to be honest, it's very boring, lol. I decided to leave the platform this morning and cut my loss before it gets crazy but the good news I was powering down when Steem price was high and I was able to buy it at a lower price and powered 1970.266 STEEM two days ago. =)

Though I was thinking as to weather invest that money on the Philippine Stock Market or in Steemit. I chose steemit because I still have faith in it and I was reading the Stock Market today, it hasn't recovered since three years ago.

"Buying and "mining" via posting = you get a lot more Steem overall during these times." - @donkeypong

Now, I will HODL again and hope for another exciting year! Steem on! ^_-

I wish you all have a wonderful weekend and hope to hear from you.