Is Shopping In Thailand Cheap?

A lot of goods from Thailand are sold in the Philippines from garments, bags, shoes, etcs. So we I had the chance to go shopping in Thailand I brought some stuff for my self and some for my friends and family.

The outdoor markets are the best places to buy some affordable stuff based on my experience.

These are the prices of some items I bought after bargaining. 😂

Coin purse: 3 for 50 BHT
Sling purse: 3 for 100 BHT
Black purse: 3 for 250 BHT
Scarf: 55 each
Ponytails: from 10 BHT - 25 BHT (p.s. they're very cute for little girls 😉)

I bought the minions for 20 BHT each from an old lady. It was not worth 20 BHT though but I still bought it to help her out and my little brothers love minions and I do too. 😁

So, do you think shopping in Thailand is cheap?

Xoxo, Gilaine