Is The DDos Attack The Reason Why Steem Price Dropped?


I noticed the Steemit website wasn't working since yesterday night till early this morning, and I thought it was just on my end but my sister was having the problem.

At first I thought it's another hard fork but I couldn't find any update using and partiko app. So I decided to wait for a little bit and cleared my browsing history and rebooted my pc, nothing happened.

I kept browsing on my partiko phone and I read @exyle's post that there was an attack!

I think it was around 11 in the morning today, when Steemit website was up and running again.

Could the attack also be the reason as to why Steem price dropped a lot last night?


Although Bitcoin price went down, it came back up again and also the other coins but Steem hasn't recovered yet.

Or could it be just people took advantage of the quick rise and profit?

Anyways, it doesn't matter for me because I am not
looking forward in cashing out any time soon. Am going to buy more Steem once I sold some of my used PS4 games and my magic the gathering cards.👌