Is Zumba Really That Effective?


Zumba is not only fun but also a good aerobic workout. It targets different muscles in our body, though it does not always mean that it's going help you lose weight right away.


For me fasting is one of best thing that helps me stay in shape even when I junk and I can a lot but only in certain period of time.

Look at how much food am I ate at lunch today! I could eat more but this place is quite costly so I have to resist, hehe.


I had waffle banana pecan that I smothered with maple syrup, gosh it was soooo good! Then I had egg benedict, grilled potatoes and salad. Imagine how much calories that is! Dessert first before the main dish, because that's how I like to do it! Haha

Am even thinking I I should get an ice cream since we're at the mall! 😂😂😂

Did you workout today? What did you eat after?Leave your answer in the comment box and get a mega upvote from me! 😉