It's Not Lost and Found!.. I Found And Lost The Best Breakfast In Palawan!

When you have this kind of view, would you want to skip breakfast?

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Sheridan Beach Resort And Spa is one of the top-rated luxurious resort in Puerto Princesa. The place is exceptional when it comes to the location, having the beautiful rocky mountain view at the back and it makes good use of its beachfront with the restaurant.

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The breakfast was absolutely fantastic during our first visit.

They had bottomless homemade frozen yogurt, which was frozen yet still creamy vanilla. The yogurt is a delicious vanilla flavour and you can a good amount of selection toppings that are fun to go on top of froyo! Oh, am telling you it was one the best tasting homemade frozen yogurt I ever had.

Another favorite of mine was the bread rolls. I call it "milky bread" because it smelled so good just like milk, especially they came fresh out of the oven. It was so soft and it was I think perfect bread rolls I've ever had and until now, I can't find a bread roll that's better than this.

We skipped lunch since we had breakfast so that we fast a little bit so I can't give it any review but I believe most of the food they serve during breakfast, whatever is left they also serve during lunch?


The evening meal was not that bad but some of the desserts were my favorite. I don't know what they're called and I forgot to take a photo of it. It's a softball of chocolate I guess but has other ingredients like a little bit of cinnamon and on the outside, it has some grated coconuts. I just remember getting more than ten pieces of it and I hid some in my table napkin and brought it with me to our room, hahaha!

The meal is pricey (as can be expected) but our room booking came with free breakfast which actually something to be held (that means no intermittent fasting during this vacation) but not on our second visit.

However, on our second visit, there was not a lot of good selection and none of those favorite food of mine was served. Most of the food I on the menu was very salty. It's sad because the other reason why we came back here was the food and I was really craving for that best bread rolls and their homemade yogurt!

They had the bread rolls but it wasn't the same. What happened? Did my taste bud change?

So I settled on fruits, bacon, scrambled, sunny side up eggs and waffles.


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One of the staff said that they have a different chef this time, would it be possible that it's the reason why I find the food not as good as our first visit?

So the next day, we decided to eat at a different resort instead and found the food to be excellent! The review will be on part II of this blog, so stay tuned.


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