Last Night's No-fuss dinner meal! (And on going contest)

No-fuss dinner meal! (And on going contest)

Just using up left over food in the fridge and everything that I can just throw in the salad!

Left over pan-fried flounder
For salad;

  • Kale and romaine lettuce (already washed before before keeping in the fridge)
  • Left over boiled egg (roughly chopped before adding to the salad)
  • Chopped apples (chopped ahead of time and stored in airtight container with paper towel)
  • Mixed nuts

And watermelon on the side

That's what dinner last night. ☺️



Hey! Did you know I have an on going contest, you and your friend might just win 2 steem each by guessing the total price of the items I bought above.

Simple rules:

  1. Guess the total price of all the items (in Philippine currency or USD)
  2. Tag one of your fiends
  3. Follow @myrecipes

Contest Ends on:
Today, 10th of January, 11pm (Philippine time)

Join the fun now!