Let's Boodle Fight!

Boodle fight is a way of eating where a big pile of food is served on top of banana leaves and is very popular in the Philippines. We call it 'fight' because it means to grab and eat as fast as you can using your bare hands and no utensils allowed. This was the way the Philippines soldiers eat.

My friends and I love to do this because it's a fun way to eat. We like to prepare everything ahead of time but since yesterday was a change of plan instead of cooking beef stew, we decided to grill some meats and that's when we thought to do a boodle fight!

I cooked the jasmine rice with pandan leaves while @emonemolover
bought the meat and fruits. We marinated the chicken and pork that we in soy sauce and calamansi. @bonjovey also brought some veggies to be grilled. Although it's a called a boodle fight without the banana leaves!

Luckily, my friend Toby, who lives on the other tower passed by while we were sitting at the playground. I asked him if he can get us a big banana leaf and without any hesitation, he paddled his bike fast towards the banana trees.

I was a little worried that he might fall off the cliff where the banana trees were planted. Oh no! I was peeking my head to see if he's already coming back up and after about five minutes, he had that big leaf on his hands, haha! I don't know how he cut it without using any knife. So, it was a relief that he was safe and he got us the banana leaf.

We brought all our stuff and head to the grilling area. While @bonjovey was setting up the grill, @emonemolover, and Vivian starting putting the meat on the skewers. I set up the tables and chair, also had the music ready.

Once the meat and veggies were done, I sliced the bananas and watermelon then, we all helped to lay out the food on the banana leaves.

We shouted Feed the Army! and started to dig in! Hahaha

The fun didn't end there. We went to the game room and played table tennis, billiards or pool game and foosball. It was all our first time playing the foosball so it was a bit stressful but exciting.

When we went to the pool it was almost dusk but the water was still cold and it was windy. Lence and Jovey still jumped in the pool anyways but it didn't take long till they got out of the water.

It was a fun day and will see each other again very soon.

Thank you for reading and I hope you're having a wonderful Valentine's! ♥️

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Xoxo, Gilaine


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