Levelling Up my Coffee Ritual here at IT Park’s Starbucks Reserve

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That time of the day when I drink my cup (or cups) of coffee is always a soothing and heart-warming time of day for me. This usually happens twice a day involving several cups of fresh brew. I usually indulge with my first cup/s of coffee, overlooking a mix of lush and urban Cebu city in my veranda, after sunrise. In the afternoon, I enjoy either tea or coffee before sunset, still overlooking Cebu city’s skyline over here at home.


It was actually just last year when I started this coffee ritual at home. Before coffee shops closed at the height of the pandemic and before all these restrictions changed the ambiance of the coffee shop experience, I had always been a Starbucks girl. My morning, noon, and afternoon cups were always freshly brewed in my nearby Starbucks. I just can’t wait for when things get to normal so I can resume my much-missed Starbucks visits.

Starbucks Reserve: The 1st in Visayas and Mindanao


The relatively new Starbucks Reserve branch here in Cebu is what I miss the most. I say it’s relatively new since it just opened a few months before the lockdown last year so I didn’t really get to spend so much time exploring its options.

Last December 22, 2019, the first Starbucks Reserve branch in Visayas and Mindanao welcomed patrons for the first time in Ayala Mall Central Block in IT Park, Cebu. Of course, I was one of those first in line to try it out and it was just another level of coffee experience.

Starbucks Third Wave Coffee Movement


Starbucks Reserve outlets are part of what is called the “Third-Wave Coffee Movement”. Just a little history... The first wave happened when roasting coffee became a daily household thing in the 1960s. The second wave happened when roasted coffee became available commercially in brewing outlets. Now the third wave elevates this commercial consumption of coffee in coffee shops by bringing in a more personalized, personal, and transparent brewing experience inside coffee shops.

If in my nearby go-to Starbucks outlet, I just simple queue in line and talk to my favorite barista about how I want my chai latte or cold brew done, in a Starbucks Reserve, you sit by a Reserve Bar while a Starbucks Coffee Master (Yes! A “master” they call it) brews in front of you your preferred brew of your preferred select high profile beans through your preferred brewing method. All this are done in front of you while your Coffee masters answer every question you ask out of curiosity or amazement.

I usually ask a little too many questions during my visits. But my coffee master, Mari, was as polite and professional as ever to indulge me in conversation. How much else personal and personalized can a coffee experience be?!


With Starbucks Reserve, it gets more personal than expected. I actually was given the choice to select the kind of brewing method that I prefer. They offer an interesting choice of Manual brewing for optimum flavor, from Pour-Over to Chemax to Siphon. This added to the richness and rustic flavor profiles of the premium exotic beans that they use.

Of course, there’s still an option for the usual way of ordering coffee. But who wants that if you can get such a close encounter with a coffee master at the Reserve Bar?


I just can’t wait to visit again Cebu’s foremost Starbucks Reserve very soon! Next blog, I’ll talk more about their menu options and interior. This part deserves a whole single blog!

Location: Central Bloc Ground Flour Ayala Malls, IT Park, Apas, Cebu City, Philippines


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