Look who I hangout with!

I was at the gym yesterday when all of sudden I remembered to send my Steemit friend @bellatravelph a message. Last time we saw each other was a year ago!



We both were busy with our own lives, and she was traveling outside the country most of the time. So, when she told me she's back in Cebu, I asked her to hang out out with me.

We met at the mall close to her office and we had pizza and of course an ice cream! 😂🍕🍦


We chatted for over an hour, she shared some funny stories during her travels abroad, am sure she'll be sharing those with us here on Steemit once she finds some time to write.

We had a great time together, I missed this girl so much! Well, this won't be the last hang out, I'll be seeing her again soon!

I hope you're all having a wonderful week!

You guys have any plans for this holiday?