Meet my kittens :D

I just got back from my recent trip from my hometown, am a bit exhausted but happy to be back with my two babies and my partner in crime. More importantly, my favorite restaurants... And yay for Starbucks!


Some cat owners say their cats don't really know how long you've been gone for. As if time doesn't exist in their own world. I just think cats are selfish jerks :P But, I love 'em all!

Oreo and her stuffy friend, Olaf

My first kittens name is Oreo. At the time, it was my favorite snack. And of course, she is black and white! When we got her, she had very bad anxiety, and would hide most of the day. This took years, and thousands of kisses to correct. Now, she trusts us- And is the best snuggler.


We got Bacon about a year later. We figured it would be good for Oreo's anxiety to get a friend. When we got Bacon, we kept her in a different room, allowing them to just sniff each other through the door until they were comfortable. Oreo HATED competition and would hiss and sneer often.

Bacon, messing with my book!

After about a week of having them separate, we decided to put Bacon in a cage, and place them in the same room together. Oreo was cussing up a storm! Shedding a ton of fur, and pacing back and forth. I know this was very stressful for her, but we relented. After about 30 minutes, we opened up the cage to allow them to wander around each other. Bacon, being so sweet and reckless walked right up to Oreo's hissing jaws and started purring at her feet. Seconds later? Oreo was cleaning her and taking on 'motherly duties'.

Bacon's 1st B-day

Getting Bacon actually triggered a false pregnancy in Oreo, as she didn't go into heat for months after this encounter. This was fine with us, (If you ever heard horny cats screaming, you'll know why!).