Member's Mark Thin & Crispy Pepperoni Pizza Is A Real Crowd Pleaser?

So there it is... Just after about 20 mins - - -Pizza is done!

How did it go? Hmmm....

First of all, I was happy to buy this at very affordable price and saved my time to prepare food for my friend who is visiting.

The Pepperoni was actually very good, better than some of the pepperoni I've bought from the deli at the supermarket.

Also, there was a good amount of pepperoni toppings, which I really like from this frozen pizza.

The sauce was very light, I mean I don't remember having that tomato or marinara flavor from the pizza but it's okay because the cheese complimented the whole pie. There was a good amount of cheese, as you can obviously see it in the photo above.

The dough is not the best or worst, it's crispy and still chewy on the inside (I think you you cook it right and don't overcook the pizza).

Although you won't get that fresh pizza dough aroma and flavor. Can't complain though because, I don't expect the frozen pizza to rise unlike the fresh dough pizza I make at home.

Overall, I thi k it's a good buy for the price but I won't buy it on a regular price since I can get a fresh pizza from my favorite pizzeria. 😉

I like the thin pizza, it's not heavy and one pizza was enough for me and my friend, Floriza to share. 😊

Of course, I could eat more but I was satisfied.