Merry Christmas! (From the Future)

Since I am in the Philippines, we celebrate Christmas before most Western countries. I was actually surprised when my boyfriend told me he celebrated the early morning of the 25th. Here, we celebrate it starting at midnight on what you call, Christmas Eve.

I hope everyone is happy and healthy and turned your January 1, 2017, resolutions into a great succeeding year!

Of course, we all have hopes, dreams, and desires for this coming year- But at the end of the day, I am sure our health takes #1 priority above all the Bitcoins in the world :)

Money can buy happiness, but it cannot buy health or time.

I hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, and I really do mean that. I have made a lot of great lifelong friends here on Steemit, and even during our time apart I know we are there for each other.

Right now I am in my hometown of Guiuan where the chicken I am grilling for our neighborhood party is probably burning because I am writing this blog :) Extra crispy! Ask my sister, @gerel (wink).

3 of 4 of my younger brothers (EJ, Nino, and Nicko)

This also means that my boyfriend will be watching "The Grinch", and "A Christmas Story" (Our Traditions) without me :(

2018 will be the year of giving for me. I have a lot of charity work planned, and am moving to South America in early July :D

So next year, it will be my very first time seeing snow! (We will go to Patagonia in Chile, !for the winter)

Is anyone here from Ecuador or Peru? Has anyone been there?