Mi- So Happy At Salad Stop!


This place takes the term 'salad' to a whole new level to awaken your taste buds. I am a fan of a good salad, I could literally eat them for days!

Salad Stop's regular menu has plenty of healthy offerings for vegetarians and non-vegetarians sure to enjoy. From 'create-your-own' salad bowl or wrap with a wide variety of toppings, lovely fruit smoothies, and yummy muesli.

Their healthy salads look so mouthwatering it is hard to comprehend that they are so good for you and you could have a different one each day to try them all out. (pinky promise!) ;)

Can be pricey but worth every bite for a quick, healthy and delicious whole foods.

Salad Stop's seasonal offering is the Mi- So Happy salad inspired from Japanese fusion cuisine that is not to be missed!

What's in the bowl?

Romaine lettuce
Smoked salmon
Grilled tofu
Beetroot hummus
Pickled radish


Lemon miso

It comes with red and white cabbage but I asked to replace it with all romaine lettuce instead since I was not in the mood for cabbage, lol. Am not really a fan of tofu, but this one actually passed to my liking. It has that grilled meaty taste that I reminded me that I could never get bored of anything from the grill, and it goes really good with the lemon miso dressing.

I think the star of this bowl is the pickled radish and the beetroot hummus. It's my first time having a beetroot hummus and pickled radish, I never thought of having it in my salad before, what very clever idea. I should look up a recipe to on how to make this beetroot hummus. ;)

The creamy beetroot hummus adding wonderful color to the bowl and crunchy pickled radish adding a different twist and brings excitement to your palate!


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