Missing My Friends On The Other Side Of The Island

It was early morning when I decided to go for a quick swim and I noticed one of the dogs at the resort was following me.

It even went in water with me, I gave it a name, Lewis. I think he likes me haha!

After I took a shower and went to the restaurant were they serve the breakfast buffet (coz am on a holiday and it's a good excuse to skip my intermittent fasting 😂), Lewis came up to me and followed to my table. He was being good though, he was very behave.

So, I went to get my food and also got him a plate full of bacon! 😁

I saw this cat graciously walking and I was lucky to capture it. I got it's attention and few minutes later it was laying next to where I was seated. She also brought some companions with her! Haha 🤗

The people on the other tables were looking at my direction and I wonder what they're were thinking. Some resorts don't like animals laying around but my buddies were well behaved so nobody really said anything.

I stand up to get more food but not for myself but for my new found friends and they had a feast! 😁

I miss those lovely creatures, I wonder how they're doing right now...

Xoxo, Gilaine