My New Years Resolutions. A rough draft.

The second half of 2017 took me by storm.

I discovered Steemit, dove in and have been engaged daily ever since. I think it is absolutely mind-boggling that such a platform exists to give us all a voice and to get rewarded for staying positive and contributing alongside each other.

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Have you ever dove so deep into a new hobby or project, only to have it totally consume every waking second? And then to sit back during a rare rebreathing- To wonder what you did with all your free-time before this newfound obsession? 😀

Steemit has given me a lot of great opportunities for a better future, and 2018 will be the start of giving back. I have a love/hate relationship with charities. So many seem to be mismanaged, or corrupt. Others give too much that they never really help people, and instead create a welfare state.

Where is there a healthy balance?

I see a lot of children in the Philippines living on the streets. Hands out everytime I walk past. Sleeping and eating under a bridge with sometimes dozens of siblings and parents. How can we help these families, if they are not willing to help themselves? I oftentimes see them eating snacks, big chips, ice cream, 'Angel's' burger but never vegetables... Their parents are always on standby to receive their alms after a passerby places a few coins in their hands. What do the parents do with this money? Some are on drugs, or alcohol. Many others cannot get ahead because they don't understand simple budgeting, and dont save the donations to afford a roof over their heads. Others see begging as 'easy and free money'. There is no incentive for them to work, if they can just have their 6 children working their solemn faces at the busiest of intersections for some loose change 18 hrs a day.

So... Enough of the rant. My New years resolution is to give back via education. I think this is the key to giving a gift, that keeps on giving. The old adage- 'teach a man to fish...' applies here.

How am I going to do this? I haven't gotten that far ahead yet! This is why I am here on Steemit. So many influential and intelligent people to share ideas with, a very positive community at its core.

Steemit did it right. Sure there are some trolls. But those that are positive are rewarded more, so I believe many of these trollers shed their skin, and came over to the light-side.

This is just one of my New Years' resolutions. Of course the old- Eat healthier, workout more, etc. will be on the list 🙂