Nescafe Dolce

For an avid coffee lover this dolce machine is perfect for a quick cup of coffee!


The machine cost a little over 5,000php and it's worth the money if you love espresso. You can also make ice coffee if you pour it over cup with ice.

I've had this machine for over a year now and I use it whenever am lazy to grind my coffee beans and just want a coffee on the go. It takes less than a minute to make my coffee, how cool is that!

It makes a really nice foam which I really love since I can't really get that kind of foam in my cup (as you can see in the photo) unless I froth the milk.

Although you have to buy the 'capsules', some would think a bit pricey but I think it's still cheaper than getting the coffee at Starbucks. Since my partner and I go to Starbucks almost every day, we decided to try the Nescafe dolce. The pods cost about 450-500pesos depending on the type of coffee you want. They have 12 different flavors that I saw at the supermarket and you can choose from light roast to dark roast espresso, two kinds of macchiato, cappuccino, mocha, dark chocolate and they even have matcha flavor too but online they have up 27flavors of the Nescafe capsules.

It's fun to try the different flavors but some it was way too sweet for me especially the matcha. I still have half of the box in the cabinet and I didn't use the cream that comes with it because it made more sweet. The Intense Espresso is really good too, it's very strong. It'll kick you right out of your buzzed! Though my favorite is the Lungo. It's a dark roast coffee that has a smooth-medium taste.

Next year I wish be opt for another coffee maker, do you have anything to suggest?

Have you tried a Cold Brew Coffee yet?


Try this recipe!


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