Oh No! @drugwars, Ponzi Scheme Or A Better Future!

@drugwars will no longer be rewarding in terms of steem in 48 hrs!!!

Have you read the new update of @drugwars?

If not here are some quick notes from their post:

  • They're introducing a new token named "FUTURE".
  • There won’t be anymore rewards with Steem, instead players will be rewarded with 'FUTURE Tokens'. (While the daily prize will increase depending of your rank, the number of maximum deposit will be also limited until we deploy our final solution against bots.)
Further Explanation:

'The new mechanic is still based on your drugs production as well as the Heist. That will allow you to earn the FUTURE tokens. Then you will be able to use the FUTURE Tokens in the game and later on you’ll be able to exchange (which won’t take too much time as discussions are being held now). Plus: You will also get FUTURE Tokens airdropped depending on your investment in Drugwars.'

  • You can still earn steem through their UPVOTE and for future delegators!
Read more about the article here

If you're wondering how's my revenue...

I spent a total of 20.525 STEEM on @drugwars which is actually not a lot compared to others and these were rewards I received from the game:

  • 10.903 STEEM from daily
  • 1.353 STEEM from heist
  • 0.337 STEEM from referrals

So, can I say I loose 7.932 STEEM or is it even because it had fun with the game?

It's a bitter-sweet feeling! I think am not upset of this, am more disappointed because of my expectations, I thought this is one of best game that pays Steem but anymore.

I feel bad for all the friends I invited to join the game who spent their moneys and barely had any Steem. Also, it's the only reason why they got back on Steemit, now am not sure about the FUTURE of the game! Do you?


@blog-beginner, I still thank you for inviting me to the game, too bad I didn't even joined your group yet! Hahaha

To know how much you spent on Drugwars and your ROI, type in the comment:

!bookkeeping drugwars

Will I still play the game? Maybe, but not as much and I won't be spending any penny. What about you?