Planning a large Steemit convention in Cebu!!! :D

Hello Steemians :)

I have been thinking for awhile now, to plan a big Steemit meetup in Cebu. This will be open to everyone who wants to attend, and if you have friends that aren't on Steemit, you can bring them along as well.

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The main reason I would like to plan this because there is so much misinformation as well as a general lack of knowledge about Steemit.

Some things I would like to cover; (But not limited to),

  • What is Steemit
  • How does Steemit actually work
  • Steem vs. SBD
  • Curation/Upvoting
  • The importance of creating a strong Filipino community on Steemit
  • Witnesses and their role in securing the platform
  • How to be successful @ Steemit

Now, I will not be speaking about all these things alone... Ideally, I would like to have one person speaking about each topic. Someone with experience that has more than a general knowledge/basic understanding.

Since this event will be expensive, (Hotel convention room, snacks & drinks) and I will not accept ANY donations... This event will not be officially sponsored by anyone. Everybody will be free to blog about this event.(A special thanks to @rcarter (Who isn't active on Steemit for giving the future funds to pay for this event).

What I am looking for, are guest speakers in the Philippines, that are VERY successful/knowledgeable about Steemit, and I will pay for their flights and hotel stay to come speak at this event for all of us. I am in the process now of creating a Facebook invitation, where everyone that is interested can RSVP.
As for the timeframe, I am not 100% sure yet... As I do not know who will be able to attend as guest speakers, and their personal schedules. Ideally, I would like to hold this event in early to late November... Definitely before Christmas.

More details to follow, including the itinerary and contests that will be awarded in Steem backed dollars at the event.

Please do US all a favor, and resteem this post

I would like to engage the community in a discussion about this event, to get some ideas on topics and contests :)

And if you don't follow me, please do that as well :D

@surpassinggoogle, I hope you will be our headline speaker.


All Steem generated by this post will go 100% to a contest decided before the event.