Pretzels, what is it about you?

Yesterday was a Game of Thrones evening. The one evening a week where I catch up on the past season (which I purposely skip until it's finished), and splurge on junk food. I was really craving ice cream, and Lander's Superstore in Cebu has a good selection of imported brands-

Most of which, I have yet to try.

However, weaving in and out of the aisles to see what else was different since my last trip, something new caught my eye. Baked pretzels??

"Perfect!" I yelled aloud. To myself. This bag of pretzels would complement the Double Rainbow brand vanilla ice cream that was newly on sale.

Unfortunately for my locale, by the time I got home and settled... My ice cream was more of a soft yogurt. Humidity this evening, coupled with being stuck in traffic almost ruined my night. I half debated having the taxi stop, so I could jump on a motorbike instead... This is why, I told myself for the umpteenth time... I should only do my shopping on Sunday mornings!

When I got home, I threw the ice cream in the freezer and surrounded it with my 3 bags of frozen broccoli. However, once I got settled and got Game of Thrones started, it still wasn't ready to consume. Plain pretzels it was!

And how damn glorious they were!

I know eating the whole bag of pretzels isn't exactly healthy... But, I couldn't help feeling good that I avoided eating a gallon of ice cream. (Until the next afternoon at least :D ).