Procrastination Is Part Of Human Nature

To procrastinate means to delay a task at some point. Do you procrastinate so much? I think this is a question that we should ask ourselves.

We procrastinate for many different reasons, some of us because lack of money, time, resources, etc. Just about an hour ago, I was about to close my laptop and go outside for a walk, but I got distracted when I saw an intriguing article. So this had me reading and before I know it, it consumed more than 30 minutes of my time just in that one screen.

What was the best thing for me to do to avoid procrastination? I say focus, that is one of my weaknesses, it's so hard for me to focus since I have ADD.

I just came back from my morning walk and am having my third cup of coffee. Finally, I was able to accomplished things by breaking some tasks into different schedules, and doing some meditation helps too.

What are the things that causes you to procrastinate?