Purepinay's Steemit Invation Part II

Whenever and wherever I go out, I always carry the proud Steemian vibes with me. From the very first day that I created my Steemit profile, I told myself this the one I have been looking for, to become a part of something big!

In my country, Steemit isn't well known. I am not sure in your country, is it already popular? I hope so...


With @micch [right] and @gerel [left]

This night was unplanned (as always). I am the typical person who likes to do stuff whenever I feel like to. Thanks to my awesome girls who were there to join me with the party. Little did you know, that I love to dance even though I hate the crowds. A bit agoraphobic :D

I know doesn't make sense! I love to see a lot of people dancing and smiling, but I don't like people crowding me when I am on the dance floor, lol.

...So, us girls took over the dance floor alone for few minutes, LOL. No videos, because then you'll steal purepinay's cool moves! =p


I met some new friends, cool! ^_-

Most of them ask the same question that night. I bet you're familiar with this one, "What do you for a living?" And I was like "Ohhh, haven't heard of that question in a few minutes, LOL". One of them, I answered, "Steemit." And, she was like, "Huh? What is Steemit? Never heard of that"

Then I was like, "No way! Just Google it".

(Wherever I go, I spread Steemit like a bible saleswoman!)


I don't go into all the details because it's literally it makes me want to do a Steemit Demo right there and then! But, tonight is all about the music and having fun! I need to learn how to balance my social life inside and outside Steemit.

The drinks were a little unpleasant and not delicious to drink, only because they didn't make them right. I asked for chilled and came to our table like it came from the microwave, LOL.


Overall, it was a fun night dancing with my girls and new friends. After the club, we stopped at 7eleven to get some ice cream! which is always an awesome way to end the night. I got myself two magnum ice creams! =p

Thank you for reading, until next time!