Something Healthy For You!


Can you believe I only have two coffees today? Ask me how many coffee do I usually drink in a day?

Well, am trying to ease on my coffee intake because I've been consuming waaaaaay too much that it's costing me a fortune (lol) but to be honest, I don't have energy that I need to be lifting some weights at the gym and I've been fasting for 25 hrs now.

So, I decided to have a small post workout snack, avocado and walnuts. Something light, low in carbs and calories because I don't like to workout when am full, it's makes me feel heavy and lazy.

📸 : Nikon D3400

Avocado is one of the super foods you can have. I've been eating them every day now since they're in season, means they're very affordable.

One kilo of avocado on the street is only a little over a dollar so, I buy every time I pass by. Whenever I have a of ripe ones, I'd save some in the freezer for smoothies or make guacamole dip or avacafo cream for salad and save it in the fridge.

Walnuts are so delicious, nutritious, and they're also low in carbs. If you're trying to lose weight, or stay fit, or just wants to eat healthier try substituting avocado and nuts for snacks sometimes instead of having sandwiches or processed chips.

What about you, what are your healthy go-to snacks?