Status: OCD RUF

Isn't Life Wonderful!
Sometimes I pretend to be NORMAL but it gets boring so, I will go back to the REAL me ^_-

"I have led a pretty colorful life here but let me change it a little bit. We all know a big life change is pretty scary, isn't it? It's like black and white."

OCD (Obsessive Coffee Disorder)

"My attitude will always be based on how you treat me because I am not here to be average, I am here to be AWESOME!"

At ABC Cebu (Abaca Baking Company)

"Life on earth is not easy. I always say "Pain is Universal"
f you think you can't do this then Move on, don't play the Game. My name is unknown and I am on STEEMIT and I will take a break and get some coffee lol, but I am back and I am having fun. "

COFFEE + TRAVEL: Chang Mai, Thailand
Espresso Macchiato: Aiya Cafe
Caramel Macchiato: Aiya Cafe
Cappuccino: Organic Mountain Coffee

"May your coffee kick in before REALITY does."

Happy Steeming fellas!
Enjoy your coffee! Goodvibes ^_-