Steem dropping! Oh no!

Meh! Doesn't bother me one bit. I guess I really should have been setting aside 10-25% of my earnings in a more stable coin, so when Steem and SBD do correct, I can buy more. However, Steemit isn't just a job for me. I enjoy it.

Mr. Whaley said "don't panic, everything is going to be alright" ^_-

And since I am not ready now, if ever to power down my account in full- Today is just another day for me. I am by no means a Steemit veteran, but prior to Steemit, I did have a Philippine brokerage account. The volatility wasn't as wild, but neither were the profits :)


Mentally, its always sad to see your account value or net worth dropping on paper; This is just a paper-loss, and doesn't MEAN ANYTHING, unless you panic sell with everyone. The only thing different between today and yesterday, is the news of Korean exchanges getting raided for tax avoidance. There could be a crackdown, but this doesn't affect us here.

-On a brighter note-

'Tis the Sinulog season! Since I moved to Cebu, I have not missed a Sinulog yet. Last year I spent this holiday with my siblings, but this year it will be with my newfound friends from @Steemph.cebu! Funny how in just a span of a year, so many things can change.

(Me, Stanie, @gerel, and GV)

In a previous blog, I had a giveaway for the New Years: and the winner was @glennamayjumaoas who won a new Starbucks planner, a small cake, and P500 cash.

(@glennamayjumaoas and @purepinay)

So, to all my Steemit friends. HODL strong, and keep Steeming :D

Continue reinvesting in yourself, because last week Steem was over $7. To sell today, you would effectively be leaving too much money on the table.