Steemit Party: Club ICON, Cebu

Happy Steemit September!

How is everyone’s weekend been so far? ^_-
I know this is a bit late but, I've been busy traveling from airport to airport all week! Exciting? Not so much. I am not a fan of airports, or aiplanes... I just love the destinations.

Our talent/model @bonjovey

I would like to share some of the fun stuff I did last month of August. I was going to upload this last week but clumsy me my giftie spinner blew up! lol

Meet @purepinay's Steem Team!

My lovely Travelholic girls! @emonemolover, @islandprincess @ & @bonjovey

One of our home-office at PARK POINT RESIDENCES
Thank you to Barry and @emonemolover for letting us use the place.

One of my team leaders; 'The Professor', @tianiclao, is always brainstorming

Put some makeup on!

And we are ready for the PARTY!

This is the sweetest surprise!

My wondergirls set me up a party at Icon Club, Cebu. (tears of joy!) lol
Thank you to all my friends and My Icon Family... and the lovely people who joined us that night! See you again soon!

Most talkative of the night goes to = @purepinay, lol!

Bottoms up winner = worth $20 Steem Token, lol

My beautiful Filipinas and Gwaps Pinoy! ^_-

Party Peeps in the house!


Thank you to my Awesome DJ's that night. See you again soon!
IconClub FB Link, & Webiste Link

More photos here:

FB Link

Special Thanks to:
@travellife91011 for the support "Filipino overseas: Steemit HK Team"

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