The biggest challenge of learning anything on your own is to find motivation!

Yesterday I finished one of my food blogs, check out this link if you missed it. I truly believe it was successful even though it took me three days to finally get satisfied with my work before I decided post it. Most of those time I spent taking photos and editing them. I must have 50 photos before I chose the best ones, others might think they're not probably the best photographs but it doesn't matter because it was the best I could deliver for that work.

Today, I continued watching some tutorials on Youtube on how to use my DSLR camera even though I could bother @bighungrypanda for some tips, (thanks for taking some of your time, btw). I thought I need to have the visual tutorials to fully understand how to use the features. Virtual learning is okay for now but maybe in the future, I will enroll in a professional photography class, if I get really serious about photography.

Practice is important to learn new skills even if it's not your passion. Just like writing.

I never find the enjoyment of writing, until I joined this community, and the fact that English is my second language, it's hard for me to find the words sometimes I know they're there but they're just jumbled. That's why I keep writing, almost every day now even if I don't post it on my page, at least I tried to write something to exercise my vocabulary and writing skills.

Remember the rewards come after when you take pride in what you do! Writing for me is very challenging and I take this as a good challenge.

The more challenging the work is the more intense concentration needed, and in my experience most of the time this can only be achieved by working for a short period of time with breaks in between rather than working in a long period of constant sitting.

Just like when I was watching the tutorial online on how to use the different settings on my camera, I think I watched the same video at least five times and it's stuck in my head. I have to learn little by little otherwise my brain will explode because of too much information. How many bits can the brain process? 11 million bits per second according to google! Of course our brain will not run out od memory or space, they said it's a big problem- our brain not running out of space but it's exhausting, do you not get exhausted when you have too much information already?

I learned what works for me is that the most important tasks should be completed first, then the less important tasks, and finally the remaining work at the end of my list. And if I find that I don't have enough time to complete the tasks at the end of the list, it's okay to complete the rest at a later date if I know that it won't cause any conflicts with my schedule.

After I watched the tutorials, I started taking photos with different ISO and distance to check if I can apply what I learned today. I was amazed of the difference with lightings on automode and manual, it's make a huge difference.

It was time to put my camera aside and continue making the dish.

Just a spoiler, a sneak peek of what I have been working on. Can you guess what it is?

DSC_0101_1 (1).jpg


My partner bought me an extra battery because he said he saw that am having fun with what am doing. It's true, it's fun learning new things and even with cooking, I always look for things to improve the recipe.


Now that we moved to a bigger place and having extra storage that are functional really helps because the previous place we used live, most of the cabinets were are broken. We couldn't put stuff inside so it taking some of the extra counter space. I don't know why we didn't bother to fix it... Oh we were waiting for the landlord's approval but we never hear from him, except when he receives our rent!

Am going to wrap this up, I hope you have an inspiring day and let me know if you you're like me working on some new skills, I would love to hear from you!