The day after a brutal leg day is always a funny day...

Can barely sit on the toilet, never easy to pick up stuff on the floor, you can't sit for long time, and all you want to do is lay in bed! 😂

I have to tough it up though, or else it'll get more painful!

Today am skipping any weight lifting but I went on a quick walk this morning. I also, did some stretching after I had my coffee and it helped relieved soreness of my legs and back. Though I still plan to achieve my 5k @actifit today by going on walks.

At the moment, I am finishing my recipe blog to be posted on @busykitchen. I have been working on this one for a little over a week now, I could just finish it in one seating because too many little things to do. So, stay tuned on @busykitchen coz I have another contest for you guys.

I also need your help to come up with an easy contest for my recipe blog, if you have one or even more pls share it in the comment section. Thank you! 😘

Now back to work!