The power of reinvesting, (In yourself). SBD over $11!

A few months back I was talking to a lot of friends on Steemit and trying to explain the power of compound interest coupled with the upcoming growth of Steemit. I knew Steemit was undervalued at 0.85 cents, and also knew Bitcoin was going to break records before the new year.


This is why I continued reinvesting in Steemit, and kept buying at every dip. Today my account value is more than 3x what I initially invested, and my upvote is worth almost $5!

Now, to many Westerners $5 does not seem like a whole lot- But, here in the Philippines there are MANY laborers working for $5 each day!

This is an amazing opportunity we have, along with the platform that will allow us to help each other.

With a catch;

You must stay Steemit Strong! Some days you may not want to log-in or post a blog. A day turns into a week, which turns into a month. Before you realize it, you are way behind in reading- And this creates a feeling of "I missed too much already", which keeps us away longer.


@bellatravelph, @jassennessaj, @itinerantph, @fernwehninja (photo courtesy @micch) at the gift-giving event cebu

Steemit is a place where we all need to contribute. Read articles on topics you enjoy, interact with fellow Steemians, and spread cheer and good vibes always.


Do not give up.

Reinvest in yourself,

And give back to the community with thoughtful comments and upvotes.

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